Budget/Scope/Schedule Alignment- budget development (what SHOULD it cost), schedule development, scope alignment

Site Selection and Transaction Support- constructability reviews, entitlement and permitting, utility planning and validation, pre-close commitment documentation

Economic Development and Incentive Program Management- incentive RFP and negotiation management, local area impact modeling, local source labor and investment tracking and reporting

Facility System Modeling- alignment of process tools and equipment with physical MEP systems, load growth profiling and modular planning, creation of Owner Project Requirement (OPR) documents

Procurement Management (Design/Construction)- delivery strategy development, RFP creation and qualification, RFP Administration, Interview and Selection Oversight

Risk Management- define and asses cost of desired risk model, manage risk exercises and details from start to finish

Design Management- A/E scope balance and alignment, BOD/OPR protection, design hand-off/integration to construction teams

MEP Equipment Procurement- RFP Creation and Administration, Proposal Balancing and Negotiation, Equipment Tracking and Management

Energy Efficiency Optimization- renewables, rate structuring, efficiency analysis

Construction Oversight- field management, process and control oversight, schedule management, troubleshooting, QA/QC

Facility Commissioning and Start-up- commissioning procurement and implementation, operations documentation, facility staff development